Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Teacher Training CourseThe Yoga Teacher Training Course consists of 2 education stages that can be completed in various forms, based on the needs of the student. The course is composed of 500 learning hours.

The first stage is the 200 hour Yoga Teachers Course. This course can be completed in two different modalities. The first is the Intensive Residential Course which is completed in 3 a period of weeks at our school.

The second modality of completing the course is through weekend courses by attending one weekend per month, during a period of 2 academic years (this course is only taught in Spanish).

Upon completing the Yoga Teacher Training Course of 200 hour, the student can attend the Yoga Masters Course. This is an advanced 300 hour course and is the highest level of course that we provide (lead only in Spanish).

Tatami Spirit is a Yoga School. Registered by Yoga Alliance. It is also a member of the International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance International. Our courses are recognized by these organisations.

The goal of the course is to give the student a complete picture of Hatha Yoga and to create high quality, professional teachers.

All courses are done at our school in Pantano de La Viñuela, close do Vélez-Málaga.

On our website you can find our professional registry (you can find it in our old website: here). This is a registry of all Yoga teachers that have completed courses with us. You will find teachers from all over the world and their contact details. You are welcome to approach any of these teachers to ask for opinions and thoughts on our courses, school or anything else.

On our google maps page you can find reviews from past students that have completed our course. Look on the left hand side, in the bottom under “Review summary”.

Furthermore you can find additional reviews of our past students on Yoga Alliances website under our schools registry. These are mainly in English.


The received education allows students to teach Yoga in all of it’s forms, register and open a Yoga school or work privately in gyms and other public or private centres.

Upon successfully completing the Yoga Teachers Training Course, the students receives a Hatha Yoga Teachers Diploma. This confirms that the student has enough knowledge and experience to practice and teach Hatha Yoga to other people. The students is completely prepared to teach Yoga to all people: beginners, advanced, kids, pregnant women and the elderly. Diploma is recognized and carries a registry stamp by Yoga Alliance and also recognised by the International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance International.

Yoga Teacher Training

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