The School


Yoga Teachers Training Course in Tatami Spirit, Yoga School

The School

Tatami Spirit, Yoga School was born in 2004. Since then we are dedicated to providing yoga teachers training course.

The Yoga Teachers Training Course in composed of two stages. The first stage is the 200h course. This course can be completed in one of three modalities:

The first modality is the 21 day intensive residential course. During the whole period of this course the students live and practice inside of our school. This is the form of the course where you truly live the Yoga experience, connect with this spiritual practice and find yourself.

The second modality of completing the course is through weekend courses by attending one weekend per month, during a period of 2 academic years (this course is only taught in Spanish).

Upon completing the 200 hour course in any one of the three methods stated above, the student will receive the Hatha Yoga Teachers Degree and is able to teach Yoga from any point of view.

Each student that completes the 200h course, can optionally continue to deepen ones learning by attending the 300h Advanced Yoga Teachers Training Course (only in Spanish). This course can also be completed at any other school.

Tatami Spirit is a certified and registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. It is also a member of the International Yoga Federation & Yoga Alliance International. Our courses are recognized and approved by these federations.

You can read what our students wrote about our school and their experience here.

On Yoga Alliances registry of our school, you can find further comments from students that completed our courses.

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